domenica, luglio 30, 2006

Mesh Test #1 : Success

as I've said I've made a test to verify the functionality of the mesh management class.

The test is gone as the aspectatives... in the beginning I had errors in the texture loading but I've resolt with a mod that put in the mesh class an array of ponter to a materials, not an array of materials.

I've also traced a pointer error on the strings of the texture class, I've fixed it!

In the next days I think I'll implement or the node system or probably the interface to initialize direct3D to make able the engine to be indipendent from the d3dX sdk tutorials code.
Also I'm waiting that Fabrizio provides me the ocelot 3d model to import in the tests ^_^

If you are interested to the Ocelot3D development, you can write a comment if you want that I upload test version of the actual development status, so you can test the engine's features yourself.