lunedì, agosto 14, 2006

Some optimizations

I've made some optimizations on the mesh render method for the standard mesh class.
The optimization is that there are static members that mantain a trace of what renderer and what texture are previousely loaded, so when you ask to reload the same renderer or thexture, the engine automatically skip the process... simple and usefull ^_^

There is another optimization for the lighting flag... so I'm asking myself if is more fast the renderstate setting or is more fast the control and then probably a renderstate setting?
I think setting a flag is faster... so in this case I've skipped the control.

This morning I've coded the ocelot object that manage all the manager (mesh, texture and co).

I'm waiting for an answer of sourceforge... because I've sent a request to create a project for ocelot where I can release the first alpha classes of the engine to make you all able to test them!
It's a few part, just a texture, mesh and renderer manager, but there is a lots of work to do on them!

See ya